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Whether you want to write, communicate, film, produce, design, perform or create, Deakin’s communication and creative arts courses provide fantastic opportunities to explore and develop your talents, kick-starting your career in the industry.

Careers in communication and creative arts industries are diverse, ranging from advertising, marketing and journalism to film and television production, theatre or multimedia.

You’ll also develop a number of skills that are transferable across a range of industries and prepares you for lifelong learning, such as communication, problem solving, analysis and critical thinking.

Learn more about communication and creative arts at Deakin.

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Course title Campus ATAR
Animation and Motion Capture Melbourne Burwood UNPUBLISHED
Arts Advanced (Honours) Melbourne Burwood UNPUBLISHED
Arts/International Relations Melbourne Burwood UNPUBLISHED
Arts/International Relations Cloud Campus UNPUBLISHED
Arts/Law Cloud Campus UNPUBLISHED
Associate Degree of Arts Melbourne Burwood UNPUBLISHED
Associate Degree of Arts Geelong Waterfront UNPUBLISHED
Associate Degree of Arts Geelong Waurn Ponds UNPUBLISHED
Associate Degree of Arts Warrnambool UNPUBLISHED
Dance Melbourne Burwood UNPUBLISHED
Digital Media Melbourne Burwood UNPUBLISHED
Digital Media Cloud Campus UNPUBLISHED
Digital Media Geelong Waurn Ponds UNPUBLISHED
Drama Melbourne Burwood 64.15
Entertainment Production Melbourne Burwood 67.55
Film and Television Melbourne Burwood 73.65
International Studies (Global Scholar) Melbourne Burwood UNPUBLISHED
International Studies (Global Scholar) Geelong Waurn Ponds UNPUBLISHED
Journalism Melbourne Burwood 61.4
Journalism Geelong Waurn Ponds 56.65
Journalism Cloud Campus UNPUBLISHED
Photography Melbourne Burwood UNPUBLISHED
Photography Geelong Waterfront UNPUBLISHED
Professional and Creative Writing Melbourne Burwood 61.05
Professional and Creative Writing Geelong Waurn Ponds 59.05
Professional and Creative Writing Cloud Campus UNPUBLISHED
Public Relations Melbourne Burwood 65.05
Public Relations Geelong Waurn Ponds 62.65
Public Relations Cloud Campus UNPUBLISHED
Visual Arts Melbourne Burwood UNPUBLISHED
Visual Arts Geelong Waterfront UNPUBLISHED
Visual Communication Design Melbourne Burwood UNPUBLISHED
Visual Communication Design Geelong Waterfront UNPUBLISHED
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