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Health care is one of the most important priorities for populations worldwide, and nurses and midwives play pivotal roles in delivering safe, effective health care.

Deakin’s high-quality nursing and midwifery courses are informed by clinicians from our partner organisations, reflecting current trends and evidence-based practice. We use a variety of learning modalities, including team-based learning and new and emerging technologies to give you a media-rich, interactive learning experience.

There is a strong demand for registered nurses and midwives, with our graduates employed in diverse settings.

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Course title Campus ATAR
Nursing Melbourne Burwood 72.25
Nursing Geelong Waterfront 65.85
Nursing Warrnambool 51.2
Nursing (Clinical Leadership) Melbourne Burwood 81.8
Nursing/Midwifery Melbourne Burwood 91.2
Nursing/Midwifery Geelong Waterfront 86.0
Nursing/Midwifery Warrnambool 67.4
Nursing/Psychological Science Melbourne Burwood 79.1
Nursing/Psychological Science Geelong Waterfront 75.15
Nursing/Psychological Science Warrnambool UNPUBLISHED
Nursing/Public Health and Health Promotion Melbourne Burwood 78.85
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