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Psychology is a scientific discipline that studies the mind and its processes, behaviour and mental states. There is increasing emphasis on mental health in the modern world and employment prospects are growing accordingly.

Studying psychology at Deakin enables you to go onto further study in pursuit of full registration or go straight into employment after your undergraduate degree (just not as a fully qualified psychologist). Our graduates work in a variety of settings, including clinical, forensic, organisational, educational, health, rehabilitation, sport and many other areas.

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Course title Campus ATAR
Arts (Psychology) Melbourne Burwood 60.15
Arts (Psychology) Geelong Waurn Ponds 56.85
Arts (Psychology) Warrnambool UNPUBLISHED
Arts (Psychology) Cloud Campus UNPUBLISHED
Criminology/Psychological Science Melbourne Burwood 70.65
Criminology/Psychological Science Geelong Waurn Ponds 60.8
Criminology/Psychological Science Cloud Campus UNPUBLISHED
Nursing/Psychological Science Melbourne Burwood 79.1
Nursing/Psychological Science Geelong Waterfront 75.15
Nursing/Psychological Science Warrnambool UNPUBLISHED
Psychological Science Melbourne Burwood 60.0
Psychological Science Geelong Waurn Ponds 59.35
Psychological Science Warrnambool UNPUBLISHED
Psychological Science Cloud Campus UNPUBLISHED
Psychological Science Learning Centres UNPUBLISHED
Psychology (Honours) Melbourne Burwood 80.0
Psychology (Honours) Geelong Waurn Ponds 80.45
Psychology (Honours) Warrnambool UNPUBLISHED
Psychology (Honours) Cloud Campus UNPUBLISHED
Psychology (Professional Streams) Cloud Campus UNPUBLISHED
Psychology (Professional Streams) Geelong Waurn Ponds UNPUBLISHED
Psychology (Professional Streams) Cloud Campus UNPUBLISHED
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