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Whether you want to learn how to interpret a crime scene, understand and treat diseases or pursue your interest in the biology of animals, Deakin’s courses in science have something for you.

With incredible advances in science in recent years, it’s difficult to imagine what life was like before Wi-Fi and equally hard to believe how much we’ve discovered about Mars. So what’s next? How many more amazing scientific discoveries will we see by the end of the next decade?

And how will these discoveries change our lives? Study at Deakin and you can be a part of it. 

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Course title Campus ATAR
Arts/Science Melbourne Burwood 60.2
Arts/Science Geelong Waurn Ponds UNPUBLISHED
Biological Science Melbourne Burwood 66.0
Biomedical Science Melbourne Burwood 80.05
Biomedical Science Geelong Waurn Ponds 74.4
Commerce/Science Melbourne Burwood 80.3
Computer Science Cloud Campus UNPUBLISHED
Engineering - Software Melbourne Burwood 64.2
Engineering - Software Cloud Campus UNPUBLISHED
Exercise and Sport Science (Regional and Remote) Geelong Waurn Ponds UNPUBLISHED
Exercise and Sport Science/Business (Sport Management) (Regional and Remote) Geelong Waurn Ponds UNPUBLISHED
Forensic Science Geelong Waurn Ponds 60.3
Forensic Science/Criminology Geelong Waurn Ponds 66.1
Global Science and Technology Program Warrnambool 86.1
Global Science and Technology Program Melbourne Burwood 86.1
Global Science and Technology Program Geelong Waurn Ponds 86.1
Global Science and Technology Program Geelong Waterfront 86.1
Health Sciences Cloud Campus UNPUBLISHED
Health Sciences/Arts Cloud Campus UNPUBLISHED
Marine Biology Geelong Waurn Ponds UNPUBLISHED
Science Melbourne Burwood 66.95
Science Geelong Waurn Ponds 60.5
Science/Law Melbourne Burwood 91.0
Teaching - Science/Science Melbourne Burwood 69.1
Zoology and Animal Science Geelong Waurn Ponds 65.85
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